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Manager Required To-Do's

All Coaches, Managers and Volunteers working with players must complete the following items:


Please click on the link below for links to all the local Sports NGIN sites in order to verify upcoming games

Team Manager Tools

Thank you for volunteering to be the manager for your team; this is a very important position to the team and our association. 

Below are some tools/links that may be helpful. 

Useful Links

Here are some helpful sites for managing your team.

Useful, but not recommended in 2020-2021 during pandemic

Game & Tournament Information

For all games and tournaments managers need to bring your approved roster, Consent to Treat and copy of coaches cards. If any Tournament Coordinator requests more than this contact Jessie Close

When you check in at a tournament, they may see (not copy) your team's roster, Consent to Treat Forms and Copy of coaches Cards. The approved USA hockey roster is evidence that all the listed players meet the age requirement for that division, all listed coaches and players are registered with USA hockey, and all are covered by USA hockey insurance. If they requesting anything in advance a copy of the USA hockey approved roster is sufficient proof to meet all requirements.

Scoreboard Instructions

GFYHA Team Manager Committee

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