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    Grand Forks Youth Hockey Association

    WCHA Free Youth Clinic

    We need your help!

    We’re excited to be conducting the 2015 Final Face-Off at UND.  Our hope is to make it more of an event, by including a number of initiatives.  Among those is a free clinic at the Olympic Arena for youth 12 and under to connect with local/regional youth programs and help promote our league (see below). 

    While we have had some positive response, we would like to get some more participants committed.  Please forward this information to anyone who you feel would take advantage of either of these opportunities and encourage them to come support the event. 

    Get Outside!

    The Outdoor Rinks look GREAT!!

    We hope everyone had a great holiday season. It has been fun to see a lot of hard fought, close hockey games.
    I just wanted to send out a quick note again about taking advantage of the outdoor ice. Some may get tired of hearing me talk about the importance of this but it probably will not stop me.
    We have an advantage over other areas of the country with the outdoor option. Some warmer climates have really taken advantage of roller hockey, which accomplishes the same thing. It is unstructured and it improves skill and hockey sense. A lot of players in those areas are being developed because of the countless hours they play roller hockey.
    I cannot stress enough the importance of getting out on the outdoor rinks, whether it is by yourself, a small or large group and playing whatever game you want and having fun with friends and teammates. In my estimations, 1 hour of continuous outdoor ice is equivalent to 2-3 practices or 4-5 games.
    I truly believe our hockey community has been spending less time outside and it effects player development.
    For those who have goals of playing past High School, it is crucial that you take advantage of the outdoor rinks and make them a priority in your weekly routine. You just cannot be out there enough.
    If we as a group start to get back into spending more time outside, I will guarantee we will see more local players develop and move on to bigger, better opportunities with the game.
    Good Luck to all as we move through the rest of the season. Play hard and have FUN!

    Ad Sales

    Good evening,

    The pre-registration to claim your ads that you sold last year for the Classic has ended. 

    If you chose to reduce your registration fees through ad sales, you may claim any ads on the dibs site at http://www.grandforksyouthhockey.com/dib_sessions that have not already been claimed. 

    All members are eligible to participate in the ad sales contest, regardless if you chose to reduce your registration fees or not.  The top sellers will receive:

                   1st Place:              $750

                   2nd Place:             $500

                   3rd Place:             $250

    (If you are reducing your registration amount by selling ads, that amount will be deducted from your total ad sales for the purpose of the contest)

    The process for selling ads is:

    1.      Claim an ad on Dibs or contact Derek at dereksporbert1@gmail.com if you wish to sell an ad to a business not listed on Dibs

    a.      You may not sell any ads without first informing Derek first so it can be added to the Dibs site

    b.      This avoids businesses being contacted multiple times by members

    2.      Print off the attached ad form, and bring it to the business you are contacting

    3.      Make sure the form is filled out completely and payment options are checked

    a.      All checks can be made out to “GFYHA”

    b.      Ask the business if they are running a new ad, or if we have one on file, if they are not sure, contact Derek to confirm

    4.      Either mail form to the address listed on it, or deliver it to the hockey offices in an envelope marked “Derek Sporbert: Classic Ad Sales”

    5.      All ad sales must be submitted by Feb. 15th to be counted towards the fee reduction and the ad sales contest


    ·        If you sell an ad, and have not notified Derek prior to selling it, it will not be counted towards the fee reduction or the ad sales contest

    ·        If you sell an ad that was claimed by another member, they will receive credit for selling the ad

    If you have any questions on the process or anything else having to do with ad sales please contact me via email, I am happy to help out where I can.  The Classic is a vital fundraiser for GFYHA, and helps reduce the registration costs of all members, so thank you in advance for all your work on ad sales!


    NDAHA Player Development Camp Info

    The NDAHA Player Development Camp will be March 27-29, 2015.

    The Northern Plains District Player Development Camp will be April 30May 1, 2, 3, 2015.

    Both events will be held at the Icon Sports Center Ice Arena in Grand Forks.

    At the conclusion of the NDAHA March camp the top North Dakota players at the 13, 14, 15 16,17 and 18 age groups will be invited to attend the NP District PD Camp. Players will be selected to move on to national camps at the conclusion of the Northern Plains District PD camp.

    Referees Wanted

    Looking to make some money this winter and keep in shape? GFYHA would love to have you as a hockey official.

    Hockey officiating in Grand Forks is an excellent way to stay active, be involved in hockey and develop new life skills. It is also an excellent part time job. You select the times you want to work and you are in control over how much you want to earn. There are many benefits of being a GFYHA official:

    • Great Pay! - $15 a game at the younger levels and even $40 or more a game as you progress into higher levels of hockey
    • Create your own schedule / Pick your own hours / Great part time job
    • Improve life skills / Develop quick thinking and problem solving / Improve communication skills and people skills
    • Stay involved with the game you love
    • Extra ice time
    • Create lifelong friendships
    • Get the best seat in the house

    We strongly encourage everyone's involvement in this great game and have many opportunities for female officials.

    To become a hockey official follow the registration steps outlined on the following link.... Click Here

    Officials Registration (USA Hockey Registration).... Click Here

    Officiating Seminars Location and registration....Click Here
    Grand Forks seminar - October 11th (9am-5pm)  Levels 1, 2, 3

    Questions or concerns about becoming a new referee or returning official, please contact Dave at dbldeuces22@gra.midco.net

    2014 Potato Bowl Parade

    GFYHA spreading the word about the Learn to Play Hockey clinics coming up in September 2014


    • Mar
    • 11
    GFYHA Board Meeting
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    • Grand Forks Park District Office
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    • Apr
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    GFYHA Board Meeting
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    GFYHA Board Meeting
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    GFYHA Board Meeting
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    • Jul
    • 8
    GFYHA Board Meeting
    • 5:00pm- 6:00pm (CDT) Ical_event_icon
    • Grand Forks Park District Office
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    Make your gift today towards the Legends and Heroes Ice Arena!

    By making a gift of $1,000 you will:

    ·         Make an investment in the lives of youth hockey & figure skaters!

    ·         Receive a tax deduction of $250 (for a 25% tax rate) depending on your tax bracket.

    ·         Enjoy a wonderful sense of pride knowing you helped to build a new youth ice arena!!