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    Grand Forks Youth Hockey Association

    2019 Raffle Winners

    Prize Winner
    Ranger M McEnroe
    Golf Cart Heather Wetch
    Riding Mower Andy Gadajtes
    Traeger Grill Ben Naastad
    Lake Package Deb Hodny
    Choice Membership Josh Beck
    $250 Gift Card Jason Hilde
    $250 Gift Card Dallas Schmidt
    $250 Gift Card Mavis Anderson
    $250 Gift Card Marc Nielsen
    $100 Gerrells Gift Card Jackie Peterson
    $100 Gift Card Daryl Evavold
    $100 Gift Card Lisa Salyer
    $100 Gerrells Gift Card Mike Schuler
    $100 Gift Card Janelle McGarry
    $100 Gift Card Travis Holum
    $100 Gerrells Gift Card Shawn Yaremko
    $100 Gift Card Tom Storbakken
    $100 Gift Card Darcie Okstad
    $100 Gerrells Gift Card Jessica Sporbert
    $100 Gift Card Jeremy Cunningham
    $100 Red Pepper Gift Card Jeremy Fulton
    $100 Gerrells Gift Card Matt Jacobson
    $100 Gift Card Dennis Elbert
    $100 Gerrells Gift Card Amelia Sebenaler
    $100 Gift Card Donny Nettum
    $100 Gerrells Gift Card Tracy Anderson
    $100 Gift Card Ty Zeltlinger
    $100 Gerrells Gift Card Shannon Ringstad
    $100 Gift Card Derek Sporbert
    $100 Gerrells Gift Card Shawn Autrey
    $100 Gift Card Jacob Dvorak
    $100 Gerrells Gift Card Ryan Langseth
    $100 Gift Card Chris Thompson
    $100 Gift Card Jim Stroh

    Raffle Note

    This is an unofficial list of raffle winners.  All raffle winners will be individually contacted regarding their prize, and instructions for collecting them.

    Bantam/ Peewee/Squirts and Girls Practice Schedule

    Mite 2 Extended Season Information

    InHouse Squirt Practice Schedule-November 4th-December 30th, 2018

    2019-2020 GFYH Tournament Schedule *COMING SOON*

    PLEASE NOTE that our tournaments will be held on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.  FRIDAY GAMES MAY START AS EARLY AS 8:00AM!