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Grand Forks Youth Hockey Association

2017-18 Raffle Winners

Raffle Prizes will be available for pickup on Friday, March 16th from 5:00-7:00 at the Icon Hockey Rink.  Any prizes not picked up at that time will be available by appointment by calling the GFYHA Offices at 701-787-0316.  Any prizes not picked up by March 30th will be forfeited.  If you owe taxes on your prizes (value over $1,200) a text message will be sent to you so you are aware of the amount you owe.  This is an unofficial roster of winners, the official prize register is completed and on file in the GFYHA offices.  

2017-18 Raffle Winners

Prize Number Winner Prize
GP Kelle Leen Balek Ranger
1 Jeff Eickman Golf Cart
2 Cary Parkinson Guided Fishing Trip
3 Terry Decker Traeger Grill
4 Mike Nehring $250 Gift Card
5 Nick Bouvette $250 Gift Card
6 Sandra Short $250 Gift Card
7 Brad Seng $250 Gift Card
8 Jane Symington $250 Gift Card
9 Thad Nelson $250 Gas Card
10 George Hellyer $250 Gas Card
11 Sonia Roberton $100 Gift Card
12 Loran Hanson $100 Wild Hog Gift Card
13 Steve Peterson $100 Gerrells Gift Card
14 Chad Johnson $100 Wild Hog Gift Card
15 Brandon Moeller $100 Gerrells Gift Card
16 Mary Lutz $100 Wild Hog Gift Card
17 Lee Gudajtes $100 Gerrells Gift Card
18 Reyne Boesplug $100 Gift Card
19 Eric Cantwell $100 Wild Hog Gift Card
20 Diane Lindseth $100 Gerrells Gift Card
21 Lavonne Dvorak $100 Wild Hog Gift Card
22 Elisha Ferguson $100 Gerrells Gift Card
23 Sarah Robinson $100 Wild Hog Gift Card
24 Travis Knudson $100 Gerrells Gift Card
25 Stacy Ferguson $100 Gift Card
26 Ali Lemieux $100 Wild Hog Gift Card
27 Toni Autrey $100 Gerrells Gift Card
28 Pat Helt $100 Wild Hog Gift Card
29 Dale Moreseth $100 Gerrells Gift Card
30 Lynette Montgomery $100 Wild Hog Gift Card
31 Jon Berg $100 Gerrells Gift Card
32 Matt Rone $100 Gift Card
33 Curt Peazlett $100 Wild Hog Gift Card
34 Doug Courtney $100 Gerrells Gift Card

2018 GFYHA Golf Fundraiser

KingsWalk Golf Course

September 13th, 2018