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GF Classic Squirt Tournament


GF Classic-Squirt A Tournament Schedule

Squirt A Schedule

Friday, January 18, 2019
Time Rink Home Score Away Score
1:00PM Rydell GF Gladiators 5 7 Oaks 0
1:30PM Gambucci Roseau 4 St. Vital 6
1:15PM Judd GF Titans 5 WPG Canucks 1
1:00PM PurPur SWHA 2 APHA 1
5:45PM Rydell 7 Oaks 1 Bismarck Red 2
6:00PM Judd St. Vital 3 Fargo Black 5
7:30PM Judd WPG Canucks 4 Bismarck White 3
7:15PM Rydell APHA 2 Fargo Blue 6
Saturday, January 19, 2019
Game Time Rink Home Score Away Score
8:00AM Rydell Roseau 1 Fargo Black 8
8:15AM Judd GF Gladiators 7 Bismarck Red 2
8:00AM PurPur GF Titans 7 Bismarck White 3
8:15AM Gambucci SWHA 0 Fargo Blue 5
3 2:30PM Rydell 7 Oaks 5 Roseau 6 S/O
4 2:45PM Judd Bismarck White 3 APHA 5
7 4:00PM Rydell Bismarck Red 1 St. Vital 3
8 4:15PM Judd WPG Canucks 7 SWHA 2
11 5:30PM Rydell GF Gladiators 3 Fargo Black 5
12 5:45PM Judd GF Titans 2 Fargo Blue 6
Sunday, January 20, 2019
Place Time Rink Home Away Score
8:00am BLC 7 Oaks Bismarck White
8:15AM Eagles Roseau APHA
9:30AM BLC Bismarck Red SWHA
9:45AM Eagles St. Vital WPG Canucks
3rd 11:00AM Rydell GF Gladiators GF Titans
Champ 11:15AM Judd Fargo Black Fargo Blue

GF Classic-Squirt B1 Schedule

Squirt B1 Schedule

Friday, January 18, 2019
Time Rink Home Score Away Score
1:45PM Eagles GF Crunch 8 Fargo Navy 0
2:30PM Rydell Williston 3 Manvel 8
2:45PM Judd GF Gunners 3 S/O Fargo Gray 2
4:15PM Rydell Bismarck Red 0 Devils Lake 8
4:30PM Judd St. Vital-MM 4 Niverville 1
4:15PM PurPur Bismarck White 1 Fargo White 8
5:45PM PurPur Minot 6 St.Boniface -JC 0
6:30PM Gambucci St. Vital-TH 3 St. Boniface 5
Saturday, January 19, 2019
Time Rink Home Score Away Score
9:30AM Rydell Devils Lake 6 Niverville 1
9:45AM Judd GF Gunners 5 Williston 2
9:30AM PurPur Bismarck Red 2 St. Vital-MM 4
9:45AM Gambucci GF Crunch 2 Minot 4
11:00AM Rydell Fargo Gray 2 Manvel 9
11:15AM Judd Fargo Navy 2 St. Boniface-JC 6
11:00AM PurPur Fargo White 0 St. Boniface 8
11:15AM Gambucci Bismarck White 0 St. Vital-TH 5
2:00PM PurPur Devils Lake 12 St. Vital-MM 2
2:15PM Gambucci Bismarck Red 1 Niverville 4
3:30PM PurPur GF Crunch 7 St.Boniface-JC 2
3:45PM Gambucci Fargo Gray 11 Williston 8
6:00PM Gambucci GF Gunners 6 S/O Manvel 5
5:00PM PurPur Bismarck White 3 St. Boniface 7
7:30PM Gambucci Minot 6 Fargo Navy 1
6:30PM PurPur Fargo White 6 St. Vital-TH 4
Sunday, January 20, 2019
Game Time Rink Home Score Away Score
1 8:00AM Rydell Minot Devils Lake
2 8:15AM Judd GF Gunners St. Boniface
9:30AM Gambucci Fargo Navy Bismarck Red
9:45AM PurPur Williston Bismarck White
11:15AM Eagles St. Boniface-JC Nieverville
11:00AM BLC Fargo Gray St. Vital TH
9:30AM Rydell GF Crunch St. Vital MM
9:45AM Judd Manvel Fargo White
3rd 2:45PM Rydell Loser Gm1 Loser Gm2
Champ 3:00PM Judd Winner Gm1 Winner Gm2

GF Classic-Squirt B Tournament Schedule

Squirt B Schedule

Friday, January 18, 2019
Time Rink Home Score Away Score
2:00PM BLC GF Blazers 5 S/O Minot White 4
2:30PM PurPur WPG Canucks 1 Royals Black-MO 8
3:30PM BLC GF Warriors 7 Minot gold 4
5:15PM BLC Bismarck Blue 5 S/O Minot Maroon 4
6:45PM BLC WPG Royals Black SF 8 WPG Winterhawks 4
6:30PM Eagles Bismarck Gray 3 Minot Yellow 2
8:00PM Gambucci St. Vital Falcons 0 St. Vital-JP 8
8:00PM Eagles St. Vital Lazers 8 SRJ Eagles 0
Saturday, January 19, 2019
Time Rink Home Score Away Score
8:00AM BLC Minot Maroon 4 WPG Winterhawks 14
8:15AM Eagles GF Warriors 2 WPG Canucks 3 S/O
9:45AM Eagles Bismarck Blue 0 WPG Royals Black-SF 7
9:30AM BLC GF Blazers 4 St. Vital Falcons 3
11:15AM Eagles Minot Gold 1 Royals Black-MO 10
11:00AM BLC Minot White 2 St. Vital-JP 10
12:30PM Rydell Minot Yellow 7 SRJ Eagles 3
12:45PM Judd Bismarck Gray 0 St. Vital Lazers 14
2:15PM Eagles Minot Maroon 0 WPG Royals Black-SF 8
1:30PM BLC Bismarck Blue 5 WPG Winterhawks 12
3:45PM Eagles GF Blazers 0 St. Vital-JP 10
7:15PM Judd Minot Gold 7 WPG Canucks 1
7:00PM Rydell GF Warriors 3 Royals Black-MO 10
5:15PM Eagles Bismarck Gray 4 SRJ Eagles 2
4:00PM BLC St. Vital Falcons 2 Minot White 9
6:45PM Eagles Minot Yellow 1 St. Vital Lazers 13
Sunday, January 20, 2019
Game Time Rink Home Score Away Score
1 8:15AM PurPur St. Vital JP Royals Black
2 8:00AM Gambucci Royals Black MO St. Vital Lazers
11:15AM PurPur St. Vital Falcons Minot Maroon
11:00AM Gambucci WPG Canucks SRJ Eagles
12:45PM Eagles Minot White Bismarck Blue
12:30PM BLC Minot Gold Minot Yellow
12:45PM PurPur GF Blazers WPG Winterhawks
12:30PM Gambucci GF Warriors Bismarck Gray
3rd 1:00PM Rydell Loser Gm1 Loser Gm2
Champ 1:15PM Judd Winner Gm1 Winner Gm2

21st Annual Grand Forks Hockey Classic Squirt Tournament

2017 GF Classic Champions

Squirt A Division-Bismarck Capitals

Squirt B1 Division-SWHA Kings

Squirt B2/C Division-Manvel Freeze

PLEASE NOTE that our tournaments will be held on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.  FRIDAY GAMES MAY START AS EARLY AS 8:00AM!


2019 Tournament Dates:

January 18th-20th, 2019

Squirt A-12 Teams

          B1-16 Teams

          C-16 Teams

USA Hockey Sanctioned - Grand Forks, ND

Sanction #19ND043


General Information:

•4 Game Guarantee-Pool Play
•Team trophies awarded to 1st, 2nd, 3rd.
•Individual hats for 1st & 2nd place teams
•Tournament Entry Fee $1000 & Gate Fee $350

Recommended Canadian Divisions:

US Squirt A = Canadian Atom AA

US Squirt B1 = Canadian Atom A1

US Squirt B2/C=Canadian Atom A3

NO Checking is permitted


Cancellation Policy:

Once you have received an email confirmation that your team has been officially accepted into the tournament, there is a 48 hour cancellation policy. If you withdraw your team within this 48 hour window, 100% of your registration fee will be refunded. However, if you withdraw from the tournament AFTER the 48 hour window for *ANY* reason, your registration fee WILL NOT be refunded.

This policy is to ensure that teams on the 'waitlist' have a reasonable amount of time to plan and make necessary travel arrangements if a team chooses to withdraw from the tournament.


Squirt A Division-FULL

Squirt A Team Name
1. Grand Forks Gladiators
2. Grand Forks Titans
3. Roseau Rams
4. Bismarck Capitals
5. Bismarck Capitas
6. Fargo Freeze Black
7. Fargo Freeze Blue
8. St. Boniface Seals Black-JC
9. St. Vital Falcons-RD
10. Winnipeg Canucks-HS
11. Ryan DT
12. Seven Oaks Raiders-MS

Squirt B1 Division-FULL

Squirt B1 Team Name
1. Grand Forks Crunch
2. Grand Forks Gunners
3. Fargo Freeze Navy
4. Fargo Freeze Gray
5. Fargo Freeze White
6. Williston Coyotes
7. Bismarck Capitals
8. Bismarck Capitals
9. Gerry Munday SQ B1
10. Manvel Freeze
11. Minot Wolves
12. Devils Lake Flames
13. St Vital TH
14. St. VItal MM
15. St. Boniface Seals-RK
16. Niverville Clippers-NB

Squirt B2/C Division-FULL

Squirt B Team Name
1. Grand Forks Blazers
2. Grand Forks Warriors
3. Jess Globerman SQB
4. Bismarck Capitals
5. Bismarck Capitals
6. Minot Wolves
7. Minot Wolves
8. Minot Wolves
9. Minot Wolves
10. Winnipeg Royals Black-SF
11. Winnipeg Canucks-ER
12. Winnipeg Winterhawks-CH
13. Winnipeg Royals Black-MO
14. St.Vital JP
15. St. Vital Lazers-KS
16. SRJ Eagles

Tournament Information

January 19th-21st, 2018

Teams and Divisions- Teams will participate in one of Three divisions – SQUIRT “B”,  "B1" OR SQUIRT “A”. There will be a FOUR (4) game guarantee in each division.


Requirements: Teams will be limited to 18 players including goalies. All Canadian teams must be registered with Hockey Canada. All U.S. teams must be registered with USA Hockey.  Travel permits (Canadian teams only), proof of insurance and proof of USAH or Hockey Canada registration / affiliation are required prior to play! Rosters approved by USA Hockey and/or Hockey Canada are required prior to playing in the tournament.


Games:   (3)  15- minute stop time periods. Running time will be utilized in the third period when any team has a five-goal advantage. All games will be played with black pucks. All teams need to be prepared to play as early as 7:00 am on Friday (no exceptions)!


Awards: There will be individual awards as well as team trophies for first, second, third and consolation.


Hotel Accommodations: Teams will be responsible for securing their own accommodations. See for lodging options.


Notes about Tournament Entry Fee: The tournament entry fee includes all gate fees and admission fees. We will not charge your parents, family, or friends at the door to attend this event. Rather than charge a $1000 registration fee and then collect another $350 (approximately) from your parents at the door, we utilize an “all-in” tournament entry fee of $1,350 per team. 

Squirt A Classic

Squirt B1 Classic

Squirt B Classic

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